Thursday, 19 April 2012

The Fragility of life

Maybe its because i am now old that i am becoming more sentimental? or maybe my man boobs are producing more estrogen? Who Knows? but i just read that someone who's blog i follow has just passed and it has genuinely upset me.

Vicky or as i knew her better Whitewave92 has lost her battle with a tumor and at such a young age its heart breaking.Well its heart breaking at whatever age life is lost but i guess more shocking and hits home the message of mortality a lot harder.

If i was to say i knew her i would be lying, as i never had the pleasure of speaking to her outside of the bloggesphere. But having read all of her posts i feel that i got a good measure of the girl and a glimpse of what she was going through even though i will never really know if you know what i am saying ?

I also think that rather than any one become sad over what has happened to her she would prefer everyone to take life by the balls, as lets face it.. life will always be to short! Even if not to short for the person that has passed but the people who mourn that person.

Mortality is a scary thing and to lose someone is horrible but i agree with how i think Vicky would feel and that is live life to the full, laugh and feel as much as you can and drink and swear brikie !

Rest in peace young lady X 

Monday, 16 April 2012

Officially Fucked !

Its been a while since i last wrote up a post and i now know why !! I has been threaterning to happen for nearly 30 years and yesterday it actually did fecking happen .... I hit the big 30 !

I woke up with a massive hangover and my girlfriend rebuffed my advances of a bit morning/alcohol breath love making ( she did this by running to the toilet to be sick ). So to say my day got off the a flyer would be a complete load of bollocks!

In the build up to this milestone i have got to admit that it did get me thinking about my life and what i am doing and what i have a achieved if anything and if am i happy with my life so far? All pretty big stuff epecially for me ! This was all brought on when i read a book written by Danny Wallace called "Friends like these" . I think the bloke is a genuis and if you havent read his book called "yes man" Yet then you should go out right now and buy or steal it as it is amazing . Anyway back to what ever i was going on about ( Old age creeping in ). This book is about a man who is about to turn 30 and reaslises that old age has crept into his life without him even knowing it . In such way like buying display cushions , eating cracked black pepper and sea salt kettle chip rather than wotsists and that sort of shit.

He is then given a box of old stuff by his Mum and it is full of pictures and more importantly an address book that has names of all his old friends who he has lost touch with over the years ( as you do ) so he decides to go galavanting all around the world finding his old friends and getting back in touch.

He is very lucky as he seems to have friends all over the world and the money to afford flights everywhere willy nilly which adds a bit spice and makes the book very glamrous. I then built this fantasy in my head that i could do a similar adventure and go and see all my old mate who i have lost touch with!!! I was Buzzing , thinking i could go to LA , Germany , anywhere my old forgotten friends would be and when we met again we could talk about the fun stuff like that time i picked my nose til it blead in assembly and all of that cobblers.

                                  Plenty of Ammo please as i dont want any survivors , Thanks !

But after a while i realised that i still kept in touch with all of my old friends and as much fun as i would have in seeing them it would be less of LA, Paris and Rio and more of Evesham, Pershore and Scunthorpe. I was a bit down that my adventure was cut short so i then started thinking about who i was ? The Man boy i am today ? I did this after having just had an evening and drinking beer in my flat ( because the pubs are to noisy and play awful pop music ) with my misses and hosemates and had just watched The Voice and dancing with the stars and i realised that as i have grown up i have changed from the nice, polite, tolerant people person i once was into and intolerant arsehole!!!! But then again if you have watched the voice and the judges dont make you want to buy an oozie and let off some steam then you must be a bit of a cunt!

Anyway back to... the.. point .. if i really have one at all ? How do i feel about being 30 ? I fucking love it !!! After having had a lot of people turn up to celebrate my 30 whilst i am in a foreign country was amazing and i am lucky to have good friends and both my testicles still in tact and as for being becoming more miserable as i get older that isnt really something that bothers me as such but more other people! I am glad that i am not a kid anymore after hearing 2 little teenage knob heads talking on the train the other day about how that when you like buy a cap now, innit, U gotta leave the sticker or it int really reel innit?!

Is that even English ? I dont fucking think so !