Friday, 21 October 2011

Fun Police

Well i was in the virtual coffee shop the other day as i was bored out of my small mind when i posted a question i thought would be fun! Mildly offensive yet fun!  But someone (The fun police) didn't!

Right i will build the picture a little .................................

So i am off travelling the world for 3 years in November ( i feel the need to constantly tell everyone this fact) and i am in the last week at work pretty much( as above ), and as the Manager at work i have wangled it so i have nothing to do. So apart from support my fellow team when they need me i am either surfing the net or talking to my best mate in Australia on the phone about how drunk we are going to get when i get there ( On the work phone of course ) .

Whilst surfing the net for a while i thought i would pop my head into the coffee shop and see what the youth of today were talking about ? To be honest most of the times i go in there the conversation is Miserable as fuck deep or shit about fashion ! People asking questions such as ..

                                                       Does anyone just talk about their life?

                                              Is it fair to look prostitute as a bad woman only?

                                                                         "Let Women Die" Act

                                                               United States Of Child-Abuse

  Im adopted and Im greatful are you? lets talk Ive got things to get off my chest, how bout you?

                                           Blogs sharing personal experiences with depression

                                                                  Tell me your thoughts on God

Right i know that a lot of young people and some of us old ones go in there to get shit off your chest which is great, but it all seems a little much ! I mean is the youth of today that down in the dumps and desperate to know answers and opinions on stuff like child abuse and thoughts about God? If so i am glad i am not young anymore that is for sure ! When i was young it was all about setting fire to bins,getting pissed and fingering girls in the park or anywhere for that matter( not much has changed really).

Anyway back to the point (of which is shit but hey i am bored) I decided to post the question ..............

As i have seen that a lot of people are nice and want to tell people what is good about their blog and people flock to these things like gypsies to scrap metal i thought i would go with....Want to know what is shit about your blog ?

I asked this question as i thought it would lighten the mood a little and be funny to rip on people, have the same back and hopefully get a bit of abusive, stupid fun on the go. Some people got involved and i thought here we go this might actually entertain me for a while and then all of a sudden whilst trying to post a comment it started telling me there was some sort of error ?? I thought at first that the page might of crashed because everyone in there wanted to know what i thought was shit about there blog .. I was getting excited about abusing people left right and centre and people thinking that i was hilarious and we could all laugh together at my witty anecdotes about how shit your font, content and take on life is and stuff like that !!

Well my fantasy of being the most popular person in the coffee shop was suddenly shattered when i looked at the top of the screen and it said "Another discussion address this question"! then i started thinking " wow there are 2 of us highly funny people in the coffee shop at the same time talking about the same shit ! Yes " . So i go back in there to have a look as see if i can find this fantastic individual, but can I? .......can i bollocks ! But whilst looking for him i notice that my question has now been moved into some obscure room where i think the last post was back 2009 ! And then it hits me !! Bloody wanky That very sharp mediator deems this inappropriate and has moved me away from everyone else like i had leprosy or something ! Cheeky bastard ! I tried the process several times and again and again the same thing happened ! Even when i softened the question to "Want to know what is pants about your blog?( Revised question as to not upset the fun police) ".

I would and should now fly off into a rant about Bigbrother (not the shitty programme) but then this blog would go on forever but i will say that THEY are everywhere and by they i mean the fun police/ pc brigade/ goverment/ nosey bastards!  It was once again bought to my attention with this whole baby smaking debate that is going on at the moment and i dont even have a child and it getting on my tits. !!! Right i am going to shut up now !

If the fun police are reading this then i would like to congratulate them on doing such a thorough job and keeping knobs like me away from normal society !


  1. "fingering girls in the park"

    Aren't you supposed to finger them in their ladygardens ?
    That's how it was done when I was a teenager anyway. . but that was a long time ago.
    Your right about TCS though, it used to be a lot better but most of my fellow bitches left and were replaced by teen/fashion/god/follow me bloggers - urghhh.
    Your question probably got moved 'cos you swore in the title. Wish I'd seen it though.

  2. The girls round our way when i was growing up must have been early developers with a fear of bush trimmers!