Friday, 2 September 2011

Two things i hate are gobby yids and Manc's !

I am a massive Arsenal fan so after the thrashing the other week and then this morning waking up to hear Gary fuckin Nevile spouting his "i love Manchester United" Bollocks again! It has prompted me to write this piece of literary wonder about the 2 biggest cunts from the 2 wankiest teams ! 

Case 1; Gary Fucking Neville 
                                                                         Gay much ?

It had been a great day the 2nd of Febuary this year when i went onto BBC sport and it's head line was "Gary cunt Neville has retired" ! I remember reading the article and thinking " thank fuck i dont have to see or hear from that manc bastard again" I was hoping that Sir Alex himself had done us all a favour and put him out of his misery cause lets face it .. i bet his constant Manchester united this, manchester united that, every day at training even got on the scots tits! Gary Neville even said himself recently when Danny Welbeck was substituted against the dirty Yids the other week " i went my entire career without getting a look like that off the boss" ( he was referring to the jubilant look Ferguson had on his face with regards to Welbeck performance. Unless ferguson just has a thing for young black men ?! ) . That comment goes to show that the man who Neville loved more than himself thought 2 things ..

1)That he never set the world on fire on the pitch !

2) He is a cunt!

I agree with Ferguson on both points ! This Rat tashed prick should do us all a favour and crawl back into his own arse hole and then go and fuck himself ! Below are the quotes from todays bbc sport about the England team ..

"Ferguson may have got more out of the squad," Vague much ?!

"But the reality is would we have beaten Spain in the last World Cup? No, because they were better than England." Nice one Nev !

"The analogy I use is if a man takes a woman out 85 times and then she's not your girlfriend at the end of it, you've wasted a lot of time". Wanker !

"Over the last 10 or 15 years, Spain, France, Italy, Portugal and Brazil have all been better than England." Stato !!

"We need more players of higher quality who can keep the ball." David Pleat Esq ?

 I mean come on!! ... I could have told you that AND my Analogy would have been better! Something along the lines of .." If you have shagged a bird 85 times and she is still shit in bed then dump her and then ask yourself the question... would you of had more fun by simply just having a wank?" Done .

Come and get me Sky sports !!!

Case 2; Garth Crooks
                                                                           Smug Prick

Garth Crooks and his general ability to be an utter knob are the reason i hate this ex yid cockend. He is constantly making ludicrous statements and pulling stupid smug faces ! His facial expression i hate the most is the one when he looks like he has just stolen candy from a homeless kid who has just sold his arse 5 times over for it ! The one he would pull if he was fingering a disabled person ! I am indeed talking about the above picture !!!

On top of his ridiculous facial expressions is his inane waffelling on BBC football focus ! I hate to think that i actually pay some of this cunts wages and all i get in return is him talking about what he bought at the shops yesterday afternoon! I sit there wishing there was something i could do?!.. maybe i could go to the bbc tower and blow it up ( just to make sure ) but then i think " what if somehow i fucked up the next series of spooks?" i love that show! so that fucks that up!.So there i am on a Saterday afternoon , resigned to sitting there in my undercrackers swearing at my T.V ( well that fat smug git ) with my misses looking at me in disgust saying to me " i dont know why you get so het up about him ? He is wearing a nice shirt after all!" and stuff like "calm down! its only a game!!" its safe to say that these comments don't help my mood and then its my turn to look at her in disgust whilst thinking !! "Is this woman next to me a closet Yid?", "would that smug bastard he have that smug look on my face whilst fingering MY misses? I bet he would!" and worse of all "does she actually like Garth Crook's shirt?"

I will leave it up to you which one of these wankers you actually hate more ! Let me know who you hate and why?!



  1. Well this made me laugh.
    Which is very odd seeing as it's about football so may as well have been written in Dutch.

  2. Just found this comment ! I mean what i am saying in this !