Monday, 20 May 2013

Fucked off

Its been a while since my last post but i have been polite and keeping my gripes in house but now its spilling over and everything is fucking me off!!

Firstly to the small minded wankers in New Zealand who started a violent protest outside the first gay marriage ceremony. Please fuck off and die you bunch of cunts. If it bothers you that two people are in love and want to commit to each other then you should kill or just sterilize yourself immediately. If you have already had children and have infected them with your stupidity then PLEASE do them and the rest of us a favor!! 

People who think they are cool. What about dressing like a twat or just being a judgmental arsehole makes you cool? When you think that just because you go to the shop in you PJ's you are the shit....Some people  may think you dont care but the fact you have changed into your PJ's to go to the shop makes you a cunt!.

T.V programs where people sing because they want to achieve their dreams/make their family proud/show everyone who ever doubted them they were wrong/people who cry on these shows......................Fuck off.

Chef Tony from infomercials....Its pretty obvious that "boy do you like french fries" you fat, irritating, chef outfit wearing, plastic Italian, meatball munching ball bag. Please go and find yourself a small hole and get stuck in it until you starve to death.

People who write in TXT Ghetto speak. n kidz itz not big & itz certainly not clever. It jst makes U L%k lIk d LUG uneducated ltl cunt dat U problE R. So pls do @ lEst 1 of d following....Go & Lern how 2 spell, stA off d internet o nd U own life....Simple innit

People saying Nom nom nom......Please burn yourself with a red hot poker until you stop saying this.....Because if you dont i will find you and do it to you.

Well its great to catch up but if any of this sounds like you then please fuck off!!